The impact of debt on the daily lives of professionals

Talking about debt is not always easy. A personal matter, but one that needs to be analyzed and organized. It is normal to see professionals feeling sad, embarrassed and ending relationship problems.

The lack of education about this dilemma in school, or in our teens, has contributed to educating adults who cannot manage their money, let alone organize their finances.

Financial education has never been so necessary.

Financial education has never been so necessary.

It is now easy to find credit out there, split several times, with interest as high as. What really counts is the money in hand, the after is for later and ends up generating complications.

You can get an idea of ​​the effects these unthinking attitudes have on a worker’s life. There are many cases in which a single person works to support a home, and imagines having to do so without knowing how to manage income and expenses.

What can debt cause in people’s lives?

How is your financial life? Is she all right and maybe there are no problems or will she probably need some help getting out of the monthly suffocation? If the answer turned out to be the second option, check out this important survey conducted in all capitals by the National Confederation of Directors (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (NPC Brazil):

The survey showed that out of 10 delinquents, 6 of them (58%) started to feel more anxious after they owed it. Another 52% said they became more stressed, 47% distressed and 41% discouraged. The difficulties of a debt can literally destroy a person. Several joint feelings can result in a disturbance and, as a consequence, illness. Unsurprisingly when the subject of finance relates to numbers of depression and suicide.

And from a professional, what does debt represent?

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Going back to the financial and personal life of professionals, can you imagine how a person can work with all these feelings? Simply the work does not go as it should. Production capacity and creativity are eventually nullified.

Let’s do an exercise. Thinking professionally, do you work happily or have you been missing? Do you think about your debts more than once a day? Does it take your time to work out these problems? When you remember those upcoming bills, is it normal or are you sad and anxious? You see that I asked about absences and use working hours to resolve personal impasses. If your answer is yes to any, it has a name, known as absenteeism.

It usually happens when tasks are set aside and worry takes place in the worker’s life.

Can you imagine where this usually ends? Resignation! If it was already complicated to live with debt haunting day and night life, then imagine being unemployed and full of bills to pay?!

Also according to the survey by CNDL and NPC Brazil, 22% of defaulting individuals developed or potentiated addictions. Cigarette and alcohol are some of the examples. What we can say after all this is that the matter is serious and deserves attention, particularly in the case of workers. Remember what triggered this whole problem? The lack of financial education! It just seems like another silly, or fresh stuff that economists make up. One only knows how valuable it is when change happens.

A professional with up-to-date finances, easily paid bills, and money committed to what is really important, has production-focused thinking. Goals and projects are always up to date and certainly recognition is made. Too good that, “right?”.

I was worried, is there a solution?

Just like you, many people have started looking for a way to start changing habits and organizing their financial lives. Surely no one wants to live in the red, sad and unmotivated to work.

The good news I have to brighten your day is that you will be able to be part of a super financial education course for free. Gonfir Edu, a business strand of Gonfir will help you with this. Talk to your friends and bosses. We are coming to you to make you see a new direction for your finances. It will be great to know how to manage your money and find out how to have money at the end of the month!