Its possible to have a same-day personal loans.

The speed in requesting and obtaining loans and personal financing is a factor that anyone who urgently needs money to face any kind of unexpected surely appreciates. In fact, very often you need a sum of money quickly for unexpected events and therefore you must try to have it in the shortest time possible. There are many finance companies that offer urgent day loans to their customers.

How day loans work

How day loans work

Usually, in order to speed up the timing by the financial company, it is better to apply for personal loans online. In fact, these are very fast personal loans, since they save a lot of time on the internet. After making a quick calculation of the personal loan installment through an online quote and after applying for funding if it is accepted, you will receive by email the contract to print, sign and send to those in charge by fax.

From the moment of receipt, the financial company that grants urgent loans, will credit the applicant with the sum of money in his current account in a very short time. If the customer instead prefers to receive loans by bank check, then the check will be sent in no time at the address indicated by him. Both employees and self-employed workers, residing in Italy and aged between 18 and 75 not completed at the time of payment of the last installment of the loan can apply for this type of service. The basic condition is of course that you can demonstrate that you enjoy an income.

Better Bank and Trust Finance, speed as the main feature

Cofidis and Finatel, speed as the main feature

Better Bank, one of the most important financial institutions on the Italian territory allows to request and obtain up to a maximum amount of 5,000 USD and promises the immediate disbursement of this personal loan with a convenient average interest rate of around 10%.

Better Bank’s fast personal loans are higher and reach up to 50,000 USD on the whole Italian territory, it is aimed at any type of job category and for pensioners, the installment and the rate remain fixed for the duration of the contract, the repayment foresees the payment of comfortable installments from 12 to 120 months, the amount is delivered to your home in less than 24 hours even if there are other loans in progress or you have been considered bad payers previously. It is not a finalized loan in fact it is not necessary to provide any expense account and it is also available with a single signature

Good Finance, the features to get Express

Elastys, the features to get Express

Express is the fast personal loan from financial Good Finance. The procedure for requesting the evaluation and delivery lasts, in fact, less than 24 hours. This is made possible by the online request and by sending the requested documentation by fax. The customer has the opportunity to carry out all the paperwork directly from his home. The loan can be requested by anyone over 18 whose age, at the time of the payment of the last installment, is under 80 years of age (e.g. a 74-year-old person can request a loan repayable in a maximum of 6 years).

There are no restrictions on the form of an employment contract that you have: in fact, all employees, self-employed persons, pensioners and atypical workers (temporary workers with fixed-term or project-based contracts) can apply.

The documents necessarily required to apply for this fast personal loan are few and include a valid identity document and tax code, a document certifying the income and finally the residence permit for non-EU citizens in case there is a need. The maximum value for which Good Finance Express is delivered is 10000 USD, or 20000 if you are already a customer.

The repayment foresees periods that can be chosen by the customer from 2 to 10 years (from 24 to 120 installments), with the possibility, at any time, to pay off all the remaining debt in a single solution (early repayment) by paying a commission of 1% of the residual capital being repaid.